Police Officers Honored With Awards

Harvard Police Chief Paul E. Johnson honored the stellar members of his department at the annual awards ceremony at the City Club in Somerville last Wednesday.

Vice President and General Counsel Steiner '54 and Cambridge Police Commissioner Perry L. Anderson were among the 80 administrators, officers and family members in attendence.

Officers Paul G. Westlund received two prestigious Life Saving Awards, for helping nurse a man who was shot in the Mission Hill Projects and for scaling the porch of a burning house to save a family of four. Both incidents occurred in January.

Sgt. Kathleen Stanford, who applied pressure to wounds of the man who was, shot, and officer John Lopes, who broke down the door of the burning building to reach the family, also received Life Saving Awards.

These three officers were rewarded for "unselfish bravery" and" quick reaction in a highly stressful situation," according top Johnson.

Westlund was also one of four to win the Chief's Award and one of six to win a Meritorious Service Award.

The Jesse Mixson Award, which is given to an officer who consistently performs above the call of duty, was presented to Officer to Thomas Hustus.

"He always reports promptly for work and is eager to assist his fellow officers," Johnson said to Hustus.

Christopher Robinson, who caught a female larceny suspect rifling through the victim's wallet when inquiring about a life guarding job at Blodgett Pool in April, was awarded the Citizen Appreciation Award.

In addition to these awards, Johnson distributed 18 letters of commendation to various officers and dispatchers. Dispatcher Carol S. Beal, who successfully coordinated Boston, Metro, Cambridge and Harvard patrol cars in the chase of an armed robber in April, received two letters.