Rompin' Rabbits of LEVERETT HOUSE?

Most people have heard about the Bronx Bombers from New York or the Steel Curtain of Pittsburgh or even Showtime in Los Angeles, but the...

If Leverett House continues to dominate the Harvard Intramural Straus Cup competition, it just may join that select group of teams worthy of being called a dynasty.

Leverett won the 1991-92 Straus Cup to give the house its second consecutive title and its third in the last four years. This year the representatives of the Leverett Shield (which consists of a v-shaped line and three rabbits) turned in convincing performances, placing either first or second in 26 out of 34 intramural athletic events.

Earlier this month at the Straus Cup awards ceremony, Leverett students demonstrated the spirit that drives them to such unparalleled success.

One by one, about thirty Leverett students embraced and kissed the prized possession which they "worked" all year to get. Some students even gave inspirational speeches.

"We played them, and we kicked their asses," shouted Leverett senior and House Intramural Secretary Matt Fitzer to the jubiliant crowd.


"Usually we have the master [of last year's championship house] present it to this year's winners," explained Recreational and Intramural Activities John Wentzell, as he oversaw the brief gathering, "but since they won it last year the students just awarded it to themselves."

After the presentation, the group marched over to the Quincy dining hall to rub their trophy in the collective face of this year's runners-up.

The Quincy also-rans greeted the paraders from Leverett with catcalls and healthy complement of garden vegetables (tomatoes, carrots and broccoli were the mot common projectiles).

Did the Leverett students mind?

"I found it invigorating," Fitzer says.

Competing for the Straus

Officially, all 13 residential houses compete in all 36 events--ranging from touch football to crew--which are divided into three different seasons.

Each house gets points for its best team in every event.

At the end of every year since 1935, the house with the most cumulative points has won the Straus Cup.

Athletic secretaries from each house are responsible for choosing captains for individual sports and encouraging participation by house students.