It's No Secret: Tigers Are the Ones to Beat


Lettermen Lost/Returning: 30/31

Players to Watch: Jay Fiedler, MattBrzica, Neal Martin, Jason Fell, Dennis Durkin

Last year's top-ranked offense andfourth-ranked defense has been shaken upsubstantially as former coach Buddy Teevensdeparted for Tulane and Ivy League Player of theYear Al Rosier graduated, taking 13 starters withhim.

But John Lyons, the highly-regarded defensivecoordinator for the Big Green, has replacedTeevens and he still has the Ivy League Rookie ofthe Year in junior quarterback Jay Fiedler, aswell as senior Matt Brzica at wide receiver.Rosier's backup, Greg Hoffmeister, returns, asdoes starting fullback Neal Martin.

While Lyons is missing four out of fiveoffensive linemen and last year's tight end, hedoes have last year's backups at every positionexcept right guard.


These former backups--center Lou Kozloff, leftguard Greg Porter and left tackle Andy MacDonald,all seniors--will join returning right tackleLance Brackee in the trenches and are the key tothe Big Green season.

If they can offer the protection and blockingthat Fiedler, Hoffmeister and Marton need, theoffense could return to its former level ofpotency.

Without them, well, Fiedler better learn toscramble.

The situation is similar on the defense, wheregraduation has decimated the linebacking corps andthe defensive line.

The only thing largely intact is the secondary,which returns three out of four starters but losesfirst team All-Ivy cornerback Sal Sciretto.

New coaches can often pose problems. But Lyonsisn't changing the system and defense is histrade.

If he's good, he will make something out ofnothing with the Big Green's defensive front sevenand challenge for the title.


Nickname: Big Red

Coach: Jim Hofher

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