Asbestos to Be Removed From 29 Garden Street

Asbestos tiling will be removed today from offices located at 29 Garden Street, according to a memo received late yesterday by first-year residents.

John Holleran, the 29 Garden Street superintendent, said in the memo addressed to all Garden Street residents that the offices of Harvard Parking and Traffic will be renovated and that "[Today] they will be removing some asbestos tile within the space."

Garden Street residents said yesterday that due to upcoming final exams, they had not had sufficient time to consider the ramifications of living with asbestos.

One student said she was not very worried about the removal because she did not understand the process..

Although Halloran's memo included a number at which he could be reached until four p.m., residents said yesterday they did not receive the memo until late afternoon.

Burris Young, associate dean of first-year students and a proctor at 29 Garden Street, said last night he knew nothing more about the asbestos removal than Halloran's memo told him.

"He told me he was going to send out a memo, and I told him that sounded like a good idea," Young said.

Holleran was unavailable for comment last night, but his memo said the removal will be monitored by Diversified Environmental, Inc., an environmental engineering company.

Andrew L. Wright contributed to the reporting of this article.

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