College Needs Social Center, Not Final Clubs


This letter is an urgent call to change the focus of the movement to make final clubs co-ed. Instead of focusing on women joining the clubs, we need to attack the University administration for their refusal to provide a social alternative for the thousands of us who have no interest in joining final clubs.

Part of me hopes that the final clubs will ultimately refuse to go co-ed so that the controversy will continue to build. My fear is that if and when the clubs go co-ed, they will somehow become morally and socially acceptable. The issue will then die, leaving the University free of the pressure to take responsibility for its students.

We need to attack the University which for years has left the social responsibility to the final clubs by neglecting to provide alternatives. We need to push the administration to provide us with a student center which would serve as a forum for students to meet, relax, listen to music, dance, eat, etc. The University needs to stop delegating the responsibility to these clubs and take care of its students.

The thrust of this movement needs to be redirected so that we can make changes that will benefit all of us, not another select few. Alex Garcia-Mansilla '95


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