Outgoing Dean Is Honored

More than 60 students and College officials last night praised outgoing Assistant Dean of the College Hilda Hernandez-Gravelle for her work in race relations at a farewell party held in her honor.

The farewell party marked Hernandez-Gravelle's last day as assistant dean for race relations and minority affairs. She will now serve as special assistant to James S. Hoyte '65, associate vice president for affirmative action.

Hernandez-Gravelle said she decided to leave her post with the College to broaden her race relations work to the University level.

"I'm satisfied with my work here and I look forward to moving on," she said.

Dean of the College Archie C. Epps III said his office will not fill the position vacated by Hernandez-Gravelle.


Epps said he will assume Hernandez-Gravelle's former duties, with the help of the assistant dean of students and a council of advisors.

"For me, it's an opportunity to work directly with students, tutors and proctors--one I look forward to," Epps said.

Epps and Hernandez-Gravelle said yesterday that Hernandez-Gravelle left of her own accord, and that plans to restructure the race relations bureaucracy were made after her decision.

"No one makes decisions for me," Hernandez-Gravelle said. "I was already thinking about leaving when the job with the office of affirmative action opened up. It was a good fit with my background."

The students and administrators thanked Hernandez-Gravelle through a series of speeches and presentations.

A group of race relations tutors dedicated two poems and a song to Hernandez-Gravelle, and presented her with a plaque in recognition of her achievements.

"I have a bittersweet feeling," said Dean ofthe College L. Fred Jewett '57.

"I hate to lose her but I'm pleased that she'llbe staying with the University," he said.

Jewett called Hernandez-Gravelle'scontributions to race relations "outstanding" andinnovative.

Sunaina Maira '91, a graduate intern in theOffice of Race Relations, said she valuesHernandez-Gravelle as a "strong model."

"She has high principles. She is also a warm,maternal figure," Maira said.

Hernandez-Gravelle was visibly overcome withemotion as she thanked the audience at the end ofthe reception.

"I am really, really, really touched, and I amvery happy to have my mother here,"Hernandez-Gravelle said

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