U.C. to Sponsor Comedy Event

In Gabay's First Meeting $925 Spent

As Carey W. Gabay '94 chaired his first meeting as president last night, the Undergraduate Council voted to spend $925 on a comedy concert scheduled for this Friday.

The concert, which will be free for students, marks the first expenditure of the Council's funds of $150,000 for this year. The "Evening of Comedy" will feature Chris Zito, a dee jay for 94.5 F.M., Bryan Kiley, a comedian who has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Matt Grahm, an International Scrabble Championship participant.

The Council has approximately $112,000 in new funds this year, primarily from the $20 fee on student term bills, according to Rene Reyes '95, the Council's treasurer. With $38,000 of "roll-over" funds left from last year, the Council has roughly $150,000 to spend this year.

Hassen A. Sayeed '96, the publicity and press liaison, said the Council has between $45,000 and $50,000 to allocate this semester. But since checksigning power is currently being transferred from the previous Council, the funds will not be available until next week.

The Council will distribute most of its money in the form of grants for student organizations. The grant proposal deadline was last Friday, and some 120 groups have submitted applications.

The Council's constitution calls for 60 percent or about $90,000, of the~ year's $150,000 to be spent on grants, while the remaining 40 percent will go to operation and discretionary funds.

The Council had to vote to suspend a by-law which states that it may not consider funding resolutions until a budget has been agreed upon. Because Gabay has not yet submitted this year's budget, the Council would not have been able to discuss the $925 concert resolution.

Gabay promised that he would submit a budget by next Sunday's meeting.

Gabay said after the meeting that he felt "pretty normal" leading the Council. "I've got great people who work with me," he said, "and so it was relatively painless."

Although he fielded most delegates' questions easily, a few stumped him. When he was asked where the minutes of last year's Council could be found, he said, "[Randall A. Fine '96] was our secretary last year, and I just don't know," prompting laughter from Council members.

"There's been so much controversy over Fine," Reyes said, "that maybe it was `Ha, ha, ha, there is a new con- troversy over the meeting notes."

As evidence of Gabay's plan to improve theCouncil's communications with students, Cynthia B.Johnson '96, Council secretary, took notes on anApple Powerbook, and said she would make themavailable for students tomorrow through e-mail.

In other Council business, Gabay andParliamentarian David A. Smith '94 said Councilby-laws which may make student participation infaculty standing committees difficult may need tobe changed.

The by-laws that describe which members sit onwhich faculty committees are vague, Sayeed said,and they may need to be altered so that a fairsystem of appointments can be introduced.

In other business, Reyes told the delegatesthat he had "no new word" on the controversy overRandall A. Fine '96 and the allocation of a$25,000 Environmental Protection Agency grant