Free Speechers: Speak Up


The staff believes in free speech. This isn't news. We've heard it before, and we agree.

But free speech doesn't mean limiting every debate to the pros and cons of the first amendment. The staff has once again paralyzed itself into silence--they somehow find themselves unable to speak for fear of curbing free speech.

No one is saying that Mansfield should be silenced. The BGLSA has offered levelheaded criticism of his remarks, and has also challenged Mansfield to back his statements with evidence. Through criticism and an invitation for further debate, the BGLSA has made a real, constructive effort to continue rational discussion of the issue.

The staff refuses to be part of this debate. Instead, it chooses to congratulate the subjects of Mansfield's obnoxious, ill-informed remarks for behaving themselves. This tactic allows the staff to be a self-righteous defender of free speech when there simply isn't anyone threatening it.

The staff asks the BGLSA to make a defense of homosexuality "loud and clear." Instead of asking others to perform the search for truth on this issue, we wish The Crimson would do it as well. Mansfield is free to say what he believes about homosexuality, and so are we.