U.C. Treasurer Questions Vote

Charges Mishandling in VP Election

"I would say precedent is on [Reyes'] side," said former Council Chair Evan B. Rauch '91 last night, "and logic is on his side too."

"If you are going to count [the ballots] in the first round, then I see no reason why you shouldn't count them in the second round," Rauch said.

"Since [Reyes] was elected treasurer, he might want to do the statesman-like thing and let it go," Rauch added.

Mann supported Lo's decision not to count the absentee ballots in the run-off election, but he said, "Technically, it probably should have gone to vote."

"I wouldn't mind running for the whole thing again," Mann added.


"Because Garza has held the position for two weeks, people are going to be reluctant to tell her to step down," Reyes said. "If the council is more concerned with their image than with righting wrong, something is wrong here."