At Harvard Daily Entertainment & Events

28 October Thursday


Lunchtime Organ Recital. Mark Slawson. Adolphus Busch Hall, 12:15 p.m. Free.


Fogg Art Museum. Through Nov. 14: "American Painting at Mid-Century: Highlights from a Private Collection." Considers the vital moment in history of avant-garde painting in New York by artists such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning and Frank Stella.

Through Nov. 11: "Portrait, Prospect and Poetry: British Drawings from the Grenville L. Winthrop Bequest." Featuring works by artists such as William Blake, Aubrey Beardsley and John Constable.


Through Oct. 31: "School of Paris." Works by the group of artists whose work epitomizes European and modernism and the avant-garde, especially as they were conceived by American audiences between the two World Wars.

Sackler Museum. Through Jan. 23: "Buddhist Art: The Later Tradition." A survey of Buddhist art from the 8th through the 18th centuries, emphasizing works from China, Korea and Japan but also including ones from Nepal and Tibet.

Through Oct. 31: "From India's Hills and Plains: Rajput Paintings from the Punjab and Rajasthan." Works commissioned for Rajput princes and their courts from the 17th through the 19th centuries. The show features lively vignettes of Hindu gods and goddessers and deptictions of courtly activities vividly painted in brilliant palettes.

Through Nov. 21: "Rothko's Harvard Murals." Five monumental abstract murals painted for the University.

Schlesinger Library. Through Dec. 3: "Votes for Women: An Exhibition of Suffrage Posters." Original British and American suffrage movement posters.


Harvard Film Archive. Carpenter Center. $5 for students. "Until the Ship Sails" at 7 p.m. The precursor of the Greek "New Wave," this film demonstrates the unique features of both the modern Greek cinema and the extremely individualist director/actor Aliexis Damianos, who won for this film the best director prize at the Hyeres Film Festival. Reception at 9 p.m.


"Japan's Changing Role in the World Economy." A brown-bag lunch with Edward Lincoln, senior fellow, Brookings Institution. Coolidge 3, noon.


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