Name Jason M. Solomon '93-??? Home Washington. D.C. and New Jersey Concentration Social Studies

Et cetera Resigned a powerful position at 15 Minutes to become Staff Assistant to the Special Assistant to the President for Policy Coordination in the White House office for Communications (He works in the Health Care Delivery Room).

How he feels about taking time off? I used to make fun of people with a dash something after their names. Now I guess I'll have to be a self-hater.

The job he wants in the future Actually this is my dream job. Really.

Least and most favorite Crimson president Robert O. Boorstin '80 [his boss]

How his boss would describe him Evil but effective.


His nickname in Washington Evil.

Why Evil I don't know. Probably because I spend my time bothering people.

With whom he'd be stranded on a desert island (given a choice of Al, Tipper, Hillary or Bill) I've got to consider this carefully. This could greatly affect my future. [long pause] Hillary, because now we have a lot in common. We both eat, sleep, and breathe health care.

His favorite member of Congress Russ Finegold (D-Wisc.), because both he and the president have the support of Elvis.

Who he'd want to be How could I want to be anyone other than me? No, really, Bob Costas.

When he thinks the U.S. will have its first woman president Middle of next century.

Why then That's just a guess. First thing that came to mind.

The first thing he wants to do when he comes back to Harvard I'll go to Charlie's Kitchen and have a double cheesburger special.