Fifteen Minutes in the Life...

Without even having to be asked, Seth A. Mnookin, the tattoo guy, cleaned the Magazine/Arts office this weekend. Without even having to be asked! Unfortuately, my English 193 folder is still missing. I thought it might be there, but it's not. Another thing which would have been fun to discover underneath all the Mag/Arts mess is the Fifteen Minutes Log Book. But this didn't surface, either, because none exists.

If there was a Log Book, however, it might go a little something like this:

November 4, 1993. Today we had a magazine meeting. The writers are as enthusiastic and able as ever. We're still looking for a major sex scandal. Not for ourselves--for a Scrutiny.

November 5, 1993. There was a mixer for all compers at The Crimson tonight, up in the Sanctum. It was good; we liked the popcorn. Didn't get any magazine work done. Where are the sex scandals?

November 6, 1993. Once upon a time, we used to edit writers on Saturdays. This no longer happens. We did think about our midterms on Tuesday, however. And we called writers to bother them. June doesn't even need to look up their numbers in the Harvard directory anymore. She just knows.


November 7, 1993. Still no sex scandals. The office is getting messier already. Didn't get any magazine work done.

November 8, 1993. Didn't get any magazine work done. Nor did we study for our midterms. We're seniors; we know how to handle midterms by now. We're going to get B+s, so why worry?

November 9, 1993. Took our midterms. We're going to get D-s. It's Tuesday, which means we simply have to get the magazine done tonight or it won't come out on Thursday. We've barely started. And there doesn't seem to be a single sex scandal on this campus. Not a single one. We'll just have to make something up, I guess.

No, there's no Mag Log Book, and that's probably for the best. Memoirs can be painful. And dull, too.