New Haven Readies For Harvard Game

Merchants, Restaurant Owners Expect A Long and Lucrative Weekend

Between Harvard crimson and Yale blue, New Haven merchants will be seeing plenty of green this weekend.

Thousands of undergraduates and alumni from both schools will attend The Game, and all of them will need to be entertained and fed--usually pizza.

Tony Trifitira, manager of Naples Pizzeria, is looking forward to a long and lucrative weekend.

"We'll be doing triple the business we usually do," he said yesterday. "We're working all day, getting everything ready."

Francis R. Rosselli, manager of Pepe's Pizza, had similarly high hopes for The Game.


Busy Business

"We're always busy on the Yale-Harvard weekend," he said.

Like Trifitira, he's not offering any special deals, just waiting for the hungry hordes to arrive.

"For us, it's just business as usual. We hope some people will come down from Sally's if it's too busy," he said, referring to yet another area pizzeria.

Sally's manager Rick E. Consiglio said he expected the weekend would bring crowds.

"We'll be waiting," he said.

Toad's Place, a New Haven club, is doing more than just waiting. The club offered a "Yale Harvard Fabulous Friday Night Dance Party," featuring music and cheap drinks.

The prognosis at Louie's Lunch was not as bright.

Poor Attendance

"With both teams not being as good as usual, it dims the rivalry a little," said co-owner Jeff W. Lasser. That means fewer students eating Louie's food.