Not a Cult


We do appreciate your paper's interest in covering the event which we sponsored, "Moonies' Cult Visits Cambridge. "We don't appreciate, however, your newspaper's use of the religiously bigoted term "moonie." The term "moonie" was coined by our detractors and by those who wish us harm. It would, of course, be wrong to address Blacks as "niggers" etc. Likewise, we hope your paper would in the future respect our desire not to be referred to as "moonies."

The article also uses the term "cult" to describe our church. The word "cult" has been used carelessly by the media. Although "cult" simply means a small religious group, the term has been given a negative connotation implying that there is something less than normal or ethical going on. Any new religion or denomination is always branded a cult by the established religions.

Your paper printed the accusations of our critics without naming those critics and without giving us ample opportunity to respond. It is stated that we "target vulnerable individuals using brainwashing and kidnapping techniques." There is no proof or justification for the statement.

We would like to set the record straight about a statement in the article made by Rev. Preston Hannibal. He says that our members were excluded from the United Ministry at Harvard because they were unwilling to sign a non-proselytization agreement. But according to our members, they were willing to sign the agreement and the reason for the rejection was a general lack of trust and acceptance of our church. David Stadelhofer   Massachusetts State Director   The Unification Church