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Headline Food Coloring: It's Good!

House Dudley

Home Town Rock Springs, Wyoming (pop. 15,000)

Hours of TV he watches a day Depends on the day. Three hours of cartoons in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then two hours at night. On weekends I watch a lot of PBS.

What PBS shows he watches All the How-to shows, like "This Old House," "Victory Garden," "New Yankee Workshop." I usually watch them twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday, just in case I missed something.

Simpsons character with whom he most identifies Marge. She has big hair, she's misunderstood, but she deals with it.

What he wants to happen on 90210 A disaster episode. I want The Towering Inferno to come to 90210.

Why he's stopped watching as much TV After years of spending 7 hours a day in front of a TV I realize my bodily systems are tied into reality on TV.

An example of this In interpersonal relationships on TV everything is solved in half an hour.

Magazines he subscribes to The National Advocate, Weekly World News. I'd like to subscribe to People but it's too expensive.

The Funniest Movie Ever The Flesh Eating Mothers

What movies he's seen I've seen every Walt Disney movie like four million times. My parents are the epitome of the Utah Saints.

His favorite food Those pink candies flavored with wintergreen. Canada Mints I think they're called.

Why he feels the need to put food coloring in everything It's good. I think the government should give a recomended daily allowance of artificial colorings and flavorings.

His favorite color Baby poop green. You know, all baby poop has that same color.