Republican Club Elects Leaders

The Harvard-Radcliffe Republican Club staked out a far more conservative position last night in an executive board election marked by questions of unconstitutional conduct by outgoing President Karen E. Boyle '94.

Bradford P. Campbell '95, a staff member of the conservative campus magazine Peninsula, was elected president of the club, and five other Peninsula members were elected to the ten-member executive board.

In a bizarre turn of events, Boyle resigned before the meeting so that she could preside over the election, which was attended by about 70 memebrs. The club's constitution states that the president, who presides over general meetings, may not preside over the annual election meeting.

As both Boyle and outgoing Vice President Thomas E. Woods '94 noted, presidents of the club have not presided over the club's elections in the past. Robert K.A. Wasinger '94, a member of the Republican Club who played an active behind-the-scenes role in pushing right-wing candidates, called Boyle's actions "incredibly suspect."

Boyle said, however, that the outgoing board had elected her election chair, and that she issued her "cosmetic" resignation to stay within the bounds of the constitution.


But Woods said that "while her election [as chair] might very well be, I do not remember it."

Meanwhile, candidates defeated by conservative victors said the election returns will bring disaster upon the club.

Amanda P. Williams '96, former club secretary who made an unsuccessful bid for vice-president, declared that after last night's elections theclub is "dead."

"The `big tent' has become the Gore-tex puptent, sealed tight with room for only a few," saidWilliams, in reference to the inclusionaryparadigm proposed by former Republican NationalCommittee chair Lee Atwater.

Williams, who is Black and ran on the slogan "Adifferent face for a different type ofRepublican," did not feel that her race was afactor in the election. She felt, however, thatshe lost because she does not espouse farrightviews.

"The new club is basically Peninsula's littlebrother," Williams said. "They can hold jointmeetings."

Luke A. Sarsfield III '95, who lost in thepresidential election, said "Any hope of appealingto moderate Republicans has been lost in theelection returns tonight."

In addition to Campbell, the club chose DanielE. Zumpano '95 as vice president and his brotherCarlos A. Zumpano '96 as secretary.

Tung Q. Le '96, Brain E. Malone '96 and Kim R.Walberg '96, all members of Peninsula, ranunopposed for the posts of treasurer, policydirector and program director