At Harvard Daily Entertainment & Events

2 December Thursday


Cultural Survival's Winter Bazaar. Alumni Hall of Memorial Hall, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.


Busch-Reisinger Museum. Through Dec. 12. "The Sketchbooks of George Grosz." Exploring the many sides of the former dada activist through more than 80 of his previously unexhibited sketchbooks.

Fogg Art Museum. Through Dec. 5. The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display in the Museum Courtyard.


Through Jan. 6: "The Art of Time: Clocks, Watches, and Other Timepieces from Harvard Collections." Includes many his torically significant pieces seldom seen in public. The inner works of each timepiece will be displayed outside the case to help viewers appreciate the clockmakers' art.

Through Jan. 9. "An Offbeat Collection of Dutch and Flemish Paintings." Featuring 20 works from the 16th- and 17th century Netherlands, all drawn from a private collection.

Through Feb. 20. "Turner-Ruskin-Norton-Winthrop." Grenville Winthrop's collection of over 600 works will be highlighted by an exhibition of prints by and after the great British Romantic landscapist Joseph Turner (1775-1851). Turner's interest was spurred by his education at Harvard under Charles Eliot Norton, who was in turn deeply influenced by john Ruskin, the British critic.

Sackler Museum. Through Jan. 23: "Buddhist. Art: The Later Tradition." A survey of Buddhist art from the 8th through the 18th centuries, emphasizing works from China, Korea and Japan but also including ones from Nepal and Tibet.

Through Jan. 30. "Calligraphy and the Arts of the Book." More than 30 examples of this highly sophisticated, subtle and infinitely varied medium will be chosen for their meaning and beauty.


Harvard Film Archive. Carpenter Center. $5 for students. "The Store" at 7 p.m. This film is about the main Neiman-Marcus store and corporate headquarters in Dallas.

"Shoot for the Contents," with Trinh T. Minh-ha in person, at 7:30 p.m. A unique excursion into the maze of allegorical naming and storytelling in China.

"All About Eve" at 10 p.m. After being introduced to an older, more successful actress by a mutual acquaintance, aspiring actress Eve contrives to win her confidence and eventually takes her place.


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