300 Attend Second Council Comedy Night

Performers Include MTV, SNL Stars

Approximately 300 people crowded into the Science Center last night for "An Evening of Comedy II," sponsored by the Undergraduate Council.

The free show featured the improvisational comedy group "On Thin Ice," as well as professional comedians Steve Hurley, Janine Detoulio and Paul Koz.

"On Thin Ice" began the show by performing a series of interactive games in which audience members shouted out ideas that were incorporated into the skits.

Suggestions ranged from salamis and hats to schizophrenia and garage door openers.

The audience and comedians also played a game called "emotional hurdle" in which participants yelled out 10 random emotions for the performers to portray.


The next performer was comedian Steve Hurley, who has previously performed on Saturday Night Live.

Hurley focused most of his jokes on his own traumatic childhood.

He recalled the stress of buying pants with his mother, the perils of playing on the see-saw at recess and the horrors of school picture day.

"Remember that one lady--the comb lady? She would comb our hair and we would all end up looking like Adolf Hitler," Hurley joked.

Comedienne Janine Detoulio performed next, beginning her routine with a joke about the Science Center.

Pointing to the preparation rooms behind the lecture halls, she said, "Have you seen what they've got behind this wall? I think they're cloning people back there."

She also joked about her recent stay in Amsterdam, telling of her adventures with marijuana-smoking American tourists and strangers in the red light district.

At another point, Detoulio pointed to a notice of a teaching fellow's office hours on the blackboard.

"I want all of you to show up at Rob's office hours," the comedienne said.

The last act was comedian Paul Koz, who has performed on A&E's "Evening at the Improv.," as well as on MTV.

His imitations ranged from John Madden to announcers at monstertruck races.

U.C. officials interviewed last night were extremely pleased with the turnout at the event.

"It was a great success. I think the fact that it was free drew a lot of people here tonight," said council member Hassen A. Sayeed '96. "I'm really encouraged by how many people decided to come."

"This was much better than the first [comedy night]," said council member John P. Feeney '97, "and I was pleased to see such a large crowd."