When Harvard students think of musical groups on campus, names like Mozart or Krokodiloes come to mind. Spanking Venus is probably wont make the list. Here is a guide to some of the hands at Harvard and how they got their names:


Band members were inspired at an off-track betting place in New York.

"The horses were labeled with different letters and the guy at the track was telling us to bet on E," says Oliver Strauch '94. "He kept saying Bet F. please."



This was a name the band chose when it decided to "become more serious."

The group was previously known as the Anything Family, mainly because they played instruments they had never played before.

"We played anything, so we became they Anything family," says Doug M. Demay '94.

He says Fat Day is "a way a more serious name."

The final choice, which came after hours of deliberation, was selective in part because a female friend once said she was "having a fat, day" when she was "having a fat, day" when she felt bloated.


This band named themselves after the revolutionary invention seen on late-night television which cuts hair.

"It's tough to come up with a name," says Michael D. Preston '95, guitarist for the band. "You don't want to sound to serious because you're a college band, but you don't want to sound too foolish either."

Flowble, Preston says, was perfect.

"it's just a cool name," he says. "It sounds goofy but there is some sort of signifcance, too."