Faculty Calls For Review Of Race Policy

The Faculty Council yesterday discussed the need for a reevaluation of University policy on race relations and curricular diversity, according to Secretary to the Faculty Council John B. Fox Jr. '59.

Although it was unclear whether efforts would involve new committees or a broad-ranging report similar to the Gomes Report of 1980, council members agreed that the Faculty needs to engage in serious discussion of diversity issues, Fox said.

The Gomes Report created the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations and the Office of Race Relations, the College's two offices that handle student diversity issues.

"We now are in the '90s, and we've now come a decade [since the Gomes Report]," said council member John E. Dowling, Cabot professor of the natural sciences "We have different issues and different problems."

In reaction to a series of tensions and controversies last year and to recent student calls for reform, Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III told the council that the College is already moving toward change in its treatment of race relations, Fox said.

Ethnic studies in particular is a new area that needs examination, according to one council member who asked to remain anonymous.


The council discussion focused on five race relations and faculty diversity issues, Fox said.

In addition to ethnic studies, Fox said the council also addressed Faculty minority recruitment efforts and the proper role of minority student groups within the University.

Fox said the council also discussed the need for a "balance" between free speech tenets and sensitivity in campus discourse