Law Prof. Hosts TV Program

Miller Launches Call-In Show for Courtroom Network

A new weekly television program hosted by a Harvard Law School professor made its premiere on Courtroom Television Network last night.

"Miller's Law," hosted by Bromley Professor of Law Arthur R. Miller, is a call-in show designed to provide information on legal issues that affect viewers' daily lives. Miller said he and Court TV executives came up with the idea about a year ago.

"Television is the perfect vehicle for educating the public about consumer issues and legal issues," Miller said. "Doing this show is like taking Harvard Law School around the country."

Miller said the show should not be compared to the sensationalized courtroom dramas on daytime TV.

"This is real life. These are real cases. And this is the real view," Miller said.


Merrill Brown, senior vice-president of Court TV for corporate and program development, said the show takes a unique approach to legal issues.

"Never has American national television attempted on this scale to teach American people about the law," Brown said. "And there is no one better to explain both large and small legal issues to the public than Arthur Miller."