Hide and Seek

Reporter's Notebook

Business School Dean John H. McArthur is not an easy man to reach. Responding to a reporter's persistent but polite requests for an interview with the dean, his secretary replied that her boss would be too busy--permanently--and then hung up the phone, The school's public affairs office was only slightly friendlier, if no more helpful.

After repeated efforts to meet with the dean were denied, a Crimson reporter and photographer this week staked out McArthur's elegant Morgan all office, hoping to catch him on his way in or out.

Having wandered the hallways outside for more than an hour, with McArthur nowhere in night, the duo decided to take seats in the spacious waiting in front of the dean's office.

Four secretaries working in the reception area became noticably agitated upon sight of the Crimson team seated comfortably before them reading the morning paper. The secretaries began whispering amongst themselves, and one of them scurried off down a corridor.

She returned, with a man who appeared to be a senior-level associate of the dean.

The man approached the reporter and photographer and informed them that their efforts would not be successful and should be terminated.

The reporters offered to wait outside.

The man grew impatient, noting that the Crimson's stakeout was clearly being attempted out of "frustration," and demonstrated questionable "inter-personal skills" on the part of the reporter.

"I believe I have the interpersonal skills, responded the reporter. "After all, I'm the one who wants to meet with the dean."