Beys Helped Shelter, Wasn't Blackmailed


We are writing in response to Andrew Wright's articles concerning the disbursement of last year's "Rock for Shelter" funds to the St. James's Homeless Shelter, of Phillips Brooks House Association.

It was disappointing that Wright reported that Mike Beys was "blackmailed," when in fact this allegation evolved from those who wished to use these funds raised for the homeless to sponsor another rock concert. As of October 1992, four months after the Rock for Shelter benefit concert, only $500 of the $3,500 that the U.C. had agreed to give to the homeless had been donated. Michael Beys, who was then treasurer of the U.C., was solicited, and as stated by former U.C. Chair Malcolm Heinicke, "Beys has authority as treasurer over that money," Christopher Davidson never blackmailed Michael Beys. Nor was there ever any discussion of votes regarding the upcoming U.C. Election. These are confirmed facts, agreed on by all involved parties.

Both articles in The Crimson have ignored the use and purpose of the funds--to aid the homeless. The St. James Homeless Shelter is a transitional shelter whose objective is to assist homeless individuals in their search for jobs and housing while offering an extended stay, rather than provide a one-night solution to the problem of homelessness by offering short-term lodging.

Our efforts have been successful. Over the past three summers of our operation, we have assisted more than thirty previously homeless individuals in acquiring permanent housing and employment.

We thank the Rock for Shelter concert and the Undergraduate Council for making it possible to provide such an important service to the homeless population. Christopher J. Davidson '95   Maria P. Rogahn '95   David I. Sandberg '93   Arik Grier '93-94   Ellie Lee '92   Directors   St. James's Homeless Shelter