Suspect Arrested After Rash Of Car Thefts Near B-School

A man bearing no identification and refusing to give his name was arrested and booked by Harvard police earlier this month for being in possession of an Audi 4000 stolen from the Harvard Business School parking lot, Harvard police Lt. John F. Rooney said yesterday.

The suspect, later identified by a Massachusetts finger-printing computer as Walter Meyers, was arraigned on a charge of theft of a motor vehicle, Suffolk County District Attorney Spokesperson Carmen Fields said yesterday.

The computer identified Meyers as a man with an "extensive criminal record and a number of aliases," Rooney said.

According to Harvard police, a number of cars have been stolen from the Business School parking lot in the last month. Rooney said the police have not been able to connect the suspect in this case with the other crimes.

Two cars were stolen from the Business School parking lot on March 9, according to the Harvard police log. Three other cars were broken into on the same day and items were stolen from each. Extensive damage was done to one car, according to the log.

A Harvard police officer first spotted one of the stolen cars at 2 a.m. on morning of the ninth, during a routine patrol of the area, Rooney said.

The officer identified the vehicle and arrested the suspect at the corner of Pontiac and Tremont Streets in Roxbury near the Harvard medical area, Rooney said.

Kevin McCarthy, the arresting officer, works the midnight-to-8 a.m. shift and could not be reached for comment yesterday.

But because the suspect did not have any forms of identification on his person and refused to cooperate with police, Harvard police booked him as John Doe, Rooney said.

After fingerprinting the suspect, Harvard police handed him over to the Roxbury police, in whose custody he spent the night of the 9th, Rooney said.

A Roxbury Police spokesperson could not confirm the transfer yesterday.

Later in the morning of April 9, the suspect was arraigned in West Roxbury District Court on a charge of theft of a motor vehicle and was released on his own recognizance, Fields said. The suspect is due back in court on April 6, she said