PBH Offers Summer Job Programs

Public service representatives offered summer programs last night to more than 90 students at the first Phillips Brooks House (PBH) summer job open house.

Ten of the 11 programs represented help youths in Boston communities. Another program assists the homeless in finding occupations.

Students interviewed at the conference said they were searching not just for summer jobs and money, but for enriching experiences.

Dao I Nguyen '94 characterized the jobs as a lot of work for nominal financial compensation, but called them the best summer of your life."

Lealam Rodriguez '96 said she attended the open house in hopes of finding a "fulfilling" summer job Presently a tutor in PBH's inner summer.


"I wanted to do something constructive this summer" Kodriguez said. "The friendships you make with kids through Inter city Outreach go beyond the classroom.

PBH President Jennifer A. Goldberg '94 said she dropped by to learn more about the summer programs.

Dat T. Tu '94 this summer, and I want to find it top." Goldberg said. "I'm very exerted to have all the summer programs come together for the first time in PBH history. I feel lots of energy in the room and I love it."

Michele Osborn '94, a representative of the Chinatown Adventure summer program, recruited interested students calling them over to her table.

"My work last summer was fun and rewarding and confirmed that I'd like to go into teaching," said Osborn.

Dat T. Tu '94 helped to organize the operations is also a director of the Refuge. Youth Summer Enrichment program (RYSE), which attempts to address the cultural and linguists needs of young Asian refugees in Boston.

"We took D. Rids, a number of whom couldn't speak a word of English, and by using role playing and visual exercises, taught them English," Iu said.