Kennedy School Exhibit Depicts Holocaust

Forty posters portraying a photographic and narrative history of the Holocaust were displayed in the Forum at the Kennedy School of Government Tuesday in honor of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah.

The display, which was sponsored by the Kennedy School's Jewish Student Caucus, also commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Many posters depicted suffering in Auschwitz-Birkenau, a concentration camp where nearly 9,000 Jews were cremated daily. Others illustrated life in the ghettos, families, in hiding and Nazi propaganda.

Charles Glick, first-year Kennedy School student and co-chair of the caucus, said the aim of the display was to "bring the issues surrounding the Holocaust to the Kennedy School."

"So much of the work we do at the Kennedy School is in trying to understand how to make government more efficient as well as ethical," Glick said. "The Holocaust has a lot to teach us about the use of government for truly evil purposes."


Despite the death of six million Jews and millions of others, Glick said the world has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust, especially in light of recent events in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Somalia.

"You can pick up a newspaper today and if it didn't have the names of the places listed, you wouldn't be able to tell whether the atrocities taking place, whether in places like Bosnia or Somalia, were happening in 1942 or 1943 or 1992 or 1993," he said.

The posters were gathered from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.