Sojourner Truth Squad Protests at Law School

It started with an anonymous phone call to The Crimson late Thursday night.

"Austin West has been transformed mildly--and another classroom may meet the same fate tomorrow morning," a male voice said.

Austin West and Langdell North, two classrooms at the Law School, both looked a little different from usual today.

It was the Sojourner Truth Squad, a mysterious group that has formed at the Law School this term to promote issues of concern to students such as faculty diversity and curricular reform.

In both classrooms, photographs of Mari Matsuda, a prominent Asian American law professor currently teaching at Georgetown, had been superimposed on one of the paintings that hang on the walls.


The paintings, a part of the Law School's extensive collection of legal art, are of "British jurists of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries," the Truth Squad member said.

"We think it's time for this Law School to move into the present," he added.

The reaction from law students was a mixture of amusement, confusion and apathy.

While some said there was a lack of response, others felt it was "pretty funny."

But the Sojourner Truth Squad was pleased with the confusion they caused.

"Confusion is a positive thing," a group member said. "What we are trying to do is to make people think. When people are confused, they do.