Quincy Is Named Best Dining Hall

HDS Staff 'Feel Good About Themselves'

If the first-year housing lottery is any indication, it's not a popular house.

And, come to think of it, many would agree that Adams House has a better selection of cereals.

But Quincy House overcame these obstacles earlier this month in winning Harvard Dining Services' Director's Choice Award for the best dining hall on campus this year.

The Choice Award, which was given last year to Adams House, rewards staff of Harvard Dining Service for their service, Dining Service officials said yesterday.

Thomas B. Mercier, the production manager at Quincy dining hall, said he believed the house was recognized because of the hard work and dedication of his staff.

"They feel good about themselves which is good because they deserve it," Mercier said.

Although Mercier admits he is partisan, he says all dining halls are created equal.

"Basically we're all the same. Maybe we just stood out a little bit more," he said.

House residents said yesterday they were pleased but not surprised by the award.

"I just love it. The people who work there are so wonderful and they really care about you," said Kerri E. Osterhaus '95, a committee member.

"They even ask how school's going," she added.

Other residents say they love their dining hall although they admit it is often criticized because of its modern design.

Jason A. Levesque '95 said he believed Quincy's modern decor adds to its charm.

"It has sort of a ski lodge interior," Levesque said.

Levesque said the dining staff has been sensitive to his health by providing the lactose-free milk he must drink