Oppose Militaristic Speakers


For Harvard's upcoming commencement of law students and the Class of '93 the administration is showcasing two of the bloodiest recipients of official crimson acclaim in recent memory. On June 9th, President Clinton's new Attorney General Janet Reno will be the Harvard Law School's commencement speaker, exactly 50 days since she ordered the assault on the Waco religious sect causing the fiery massacre of 86 innocent people, including 25 children. This grotesque FBI assault against the Branch Davidians was carried out, as the government put it for "espousing doctrines hostile to law enforcement. "The next day, Harvard will be giving an honorary degree to Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Colin Powell, who directed the Slaughter of over 100,000 Iraqis during the Gulf War and was the architect of the U.S. invasion of Panama that left thousands of Panamanians in mass graves. Reno and Powell on campus should be met with protest from students and all decent people on June 9 and 10!.

By bringing two fresh-from-the-kill government officials to America's premier finishing school for the ruling class, Harvard faithfully pushes for public approval of Clinton's new "Politically Correct" administrators. Janet Reno has "proved her bones" to the powers that be that she is just as capable as any man in carrying out cold-blooded murder of children. And Colin Powell has earned his medals for "Operation Desert Slaughter," as he carries out the Pentagon's racist subjugation of people across the globe, especially Africans, Asians and Latin Americans.

Widespread anger has erupted on campus over Colin Powell's opposition to overturning the military's long-standing ban on gays. As Marxists, we oppose anti-gay bigotry in all spheres of life, including the military. However, many supporters of gay rights are eagerly enlisting in the cause of imperialist militarism, which is a threat to all of the oppressed, especially now with the U.S. RACIST "White man's burden" intervention in Somalia and as Clinton gears up for terror bombing in the Balkans.

The Spartacus Youth Club urgently calls on all organizations and individuals to join together in a united-front protest against Janet Reno and Colin Powell. Roy H. Hamilton '95   Morey Seals '96