Staff, Students to Walk For Cancer Benefit

Harvard Walkers to Be Sponsored

Organizers of the American Cancer Society's march against breast cancer, scheduled to begin tomorrow morning, are encouraging more students to join in the effort.

The march, called Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, will raise money to fight the disease, according to Rita O. Corkery, associate director of community affairs for the Harvard Office of Government and Community Affairs.

Rain or shine, participants will embark on the march from the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade at 11 a.m.

Corkery said that while more than 50 Harvard staffers will be marching under the Harvard banner on tommorow, only five students had signed up as of yesterday afternoon.

The Harvard Office of Government and Community Affairs will contribute five dollars to the American Cancer Institute for every student marcher, Corkery said. Marchers can also raise money by collecting pledges from sponsors.

In return, each student will receive a complementary Harvard sun visor, Corkery said.

Corkery, who has battled the disease herself, said she encourages students to join the effort.

"I'm a breast cancer survivor. I'm concerned for the students and for my daughters," she said.

Students who haven't yet contacted the Harvard office can still participate in the walk and call Corkery later.

Harvard Real Estate Assistant Vice President Maura A. Scanlon McRae '81, who discovered she had breast cancer last year at the age of 32, said she raised a potential $1,100 for the effort through pledges from friends and co-workers.

"I feel so young," said Scanlon. "It's scary for a college student. But if we can collect the money and get the research done now, maybe we'll know more by the time these students are thirty."

Interested students should check the dining halls for information or simply arrive for registration, which begins at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Corkery said.