Boathouse Bar May Close by Next Month

`For Rent' Sign Goes Up After Lease Dispute

If the "For Rent" sign in the window is any indication, the Boathouse Bar may vanish from the Square's list of longtime taverns.

Genevieve McMillan, the landlord of the building at 56 JFK St. which houses the Boathouse, said the sign has gone up because of a dispute with the manager of the bar over the renewal of the bar's lease.

McMillan said the Boathouse will close by the end of October as a result of the dispute. The Boathouse has occupied its current address for the past 12 years.

The manager, who refused to give his name, charged that McMillan has attempted to raise the bar's rent as part of a new lease, which he refused to sign. However, the manager expressed confidence that the lease's terms could be renegotiated, and that the Boathouse would remain at its current location.

"The sign is really not very professional" and is more of a scare tactic than a legitimate offer to rent, the manager said.


McMillan denied that allegation, saying that the dispute was triggered by her desire to lower the bar's occupancy rate from its current level to 100. The building owner added that the closing of the bar is virtually assured.

"Come the end of next month, the bar will close," McMillan said.