FM Profiles

Favorite moments of summer vacation "I went scuba diving in Bimini. That was cool. And there was a blues festival in Orlando that I really liked. All the top artists were there. Oh yeah--and Hurricane Emily. The waves for that were pretty big."

Why he dug the waves "I surfed on them, man. That's my favorite sport, other than swimming."

Favorite class so far "It was Jazz, but I got booted out by the lottery. I'm excited about my Expos class; I got into the one about biography writing. I think Justice ought to be pretty good."

His big plans for the future "I'd like to start a band here. Something more on the acoustics side. No speed metal or hard rock stuff--something a little more folksie. I want to play out in the Square; I don't have any money right now."

Possible name for that dream band "Hmm...How about the Purple Doorknockers? No, I'm kidding. I don't know."


Longest line he's stood in this year "I haven't bought my sourcebooks, so I haven't stood in any really long ones....But my roommates tell me it takes two and a half hours, so you can put that down if you want."

Has he peed on a Harvard monument lately? "No, but I did pee on the Meditation School last night."

What that is "Beats me. But I was walking to the Quad, and I needed to go really bad, and this building was right there with this sign about transcendental meditation or something. But I don't want anyone messing me up transcendentally, if they see this."

Name David Valdes '97

Home Weld Hall and Merritt Island, Florida

Concentration Undecided

Et cetera Former member of the Mexican national swim team.

Headline I don't want anyone messing me up transcendentally.