Top Cop Linked To Bus Co.

HUPD Acting Chief Has Financial Input

The acting chief of the Harvard Police Department has close financial and personal ties to a bus company whose services he arranges and supervises for the University's Commencement and reunion activities.

Lt. Lawrence J. Murphy acknowledged in an interview this week that he is involved with the financial maintenance of the Cavalier Coach Corporation of Medford. Murphy also said that he is a close personal friend of Cavalier's president and owner, Joan Libby.

The lieutenant also acknowledged that he is authorized to sign paychecks for company employees, and that he holds an American Express corporate card in the name of the company.

Murphy said last spring that he decides what bus companies to employ for reunions and and how to organize their schedules. He also said he believes his ties do not present a conflict of interest.

"If I really wanted to, I could go to other places in the University and ask them to hire [Cavalier]," Murphy said. "But I'm careful not to."


Murphy said he has made no personal financial gain through his ties to Cavalier. The lieutenant said he has the corporate card "for personal reasons," and that his check authorization is an emergency protection for Cavalier employees in case anything happens to Libby.

Murphy's acknowledgments appear to contradict statements he made last spring. Questioned by The Crimson last May when he worked alone at Cavalier's Medford office, the lieutenant said he had no personal relationshipto the company.

There is no competitive bidding for the buscontracts for Commencement and the reunions.Harvard's business is worth more than $100,000 ayear to the bus company, a source said.

Vice President for Alumni Affairs andDevelopment Fred L. Glimp '50 said in an interviewlast May that he does not require bidding,although reunion officials may choose to acceptbids if they feel prices of longstanding contractshave gone too high. Glimp refused to comment thisweek.

Libby said this week that she does not thinkCavalier's financial policies have anything to dowith Harvard. She refused to comment on the natureof her personal relationship with Murphy.

The Crimson observed Murphy entering Libby'sJamaica Plain home on two evenings last week. Andsources said Murphy vacationed with Libby inFlorida in January.

Murphy said he often visits Libby on weekdaynights to help her recover from the recent deathof a family member.

"Her mother has passed away, and I've beentrying to help out the family," Murphy said.

Murphy said he could not recall specificvacations, but that he often visits the Miamiarea.

A Crimson investigation last May revealed thatcozy, long-term relationships with no bidding arethe rule, not the exception, in the planning ofHarvard reunions.

The University frequently hires people it knowsfor reunion and Commencement duties, and itrarely, if ever, takes them off the reunion dole.