WFNX Party Proves Boston Has Nightlife

TO: David S. Kurnick, Daniel J. Sharfstein and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan

FROM: Seth A. Mnookin

RE: WFNX Tenth Anniversary Party

I take back everything bad I ever said about any of you. I know there's been some bad blood in the past, but it's time to put all of that behind us. There are new challenges on the horizon, and I know we are up to them.

The way I see it, the Crime has finally hit the big time. Last week when I called up WFNX and asked for some V.I.P. passes to their Landsdowne Street Birthday Party, they said no problem, and somehow, even knew how to spell my name (unlike the Crimson). And when they asked me if they should give a pass to some Harvard journal called The Perspective, I told them it was just a pansy-Commie rag not worth the paper it's printed on. No wonder I didn't see Jesse Furman around.


And this party, you three, was a party that would put any New York or L.A. scene to shame. Ric Ocasik. Paulina. David Byrne. I even recognized some of the heavies from HMV and Tower. And who says that Boston doesn't have night life to speak of.

My friend Chris (I would have taken one of you, but I knew that you would all be busy editing) was a bit upset about the no free drinks policy, but I, as a non-drinker, had nothing to complain about. And the pate de foie gras was superb!

The lines were long, but that nifty fluorescent laminent they gave me let me waltz into any club that seized my fancy. And when some unfriendly patron began to mosh during one of the concerts, I got him thrown out. Who says Crime doesn't pay?

The way I see it, we could work with this. I just called New York and got press to the Ziggy Marley show in October, and the word in the publishing world is that Katie Roiphe wants to co-author a book on campus politics with me. Says I'm just her type of guy.

So what do you say we let bygones by bygones. Sure I got sore about the Hunter review, but who wouldn't have? It was a low blow putting my name on a piece of crap like that. But I won't hold a grudge if you won't.

Just keep the press passes coming.