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Jordan Section of North House Hit by Five Hour Power Failure

Power went out for more than five hours in the Jordan section of North House last night, forcing students to light candles and use flashlights.

Most students went to Hilles Library or other parts of North House to study. Students who were working on their computer felt paralyzed.

"It sucked because my paper was trapped inside my computer," said Sarah L. Buckmyer, whose assignment was due today.

Other students with less home-work were forced to go to the rooms of friends to watch the ever important Melrose Place.

Tutors stayed awake late into the night to let students locked out by the disabled card key systems into the house.


Last night's blackout was "not that bad" compared to the power outage in Jordan last year, which occurred late at night during the exam period, said Head Tutor Rick M. Goodson '92.