Men to Share Deep Thoughts

New Group to Help Students Improve Communication Skills

A group intended to help men improve communication in their relationships is scheduled to start in mid-October at the Bureau of Study Counsel.

The group is designed for men who want to experience a deeper level of intimacy in their platonic and romantic relationships.

Ed Kaufman, a counselor at the Buteau of Study Counsel who is running the group, said that the intention of the group discussions is to help men improve their relationships.

"What I've found in the past is that the men who come in want to feel more comfortable talking to other men about important things in their lives," Kaufman said in an interview.

"They may feel dissatisfied with having to maintain a facade or keep up an image in relationship to others," he said. "Some men have opened up quite a bit."

Men interviewed about the program offered varying opinions.

"I can see why a lot of people would not register," Tommy Roddy '98 said. "Guys don't want to sit around and talk about those things. I know I couldn't be serious about it."

But others said they felt that the program is necessary, and that such groups can prove beneficial.

"The concept is certainly good," said Thong Le '98. "It's a way for guys to become better acquainted with one another. Some probably believe that [the group] will make them better men."

Kaufman has led several discussion groups over the past few years, with varying levels of membership from semester to semester. He said the men's group has been very successful in the past, but that no one has expressed interest in it yet this fall.

Men who are interested can register by calling the Bureau of Study Counsel.