The report is not yet public. Caves also declined to comment on the report, which is scheduled to be discussed at 'next Tuesday's full Faculty meeting.

The report was finished on Monday of this week "as we promised." Abernathy said. "Professor Caves has never missed a deadline in his life."

Abernathy stressed that the report does not evaluate the benefits decisions themselves, but rather the process by which faculty were involved in determining their own benefits.

"We were not trying to find out whose opinion on what health care plan was appropriate," Abernathy said. "We were trying to find out how much consultation there was between the task force and the faculty."

The duo talked to between 10 and 20 people. Abernathy said. "We interviewed all the impiortant people."

Abernathy said he and Caves also read papers documenting how the faculty was involved.

"I think I have collected probably eight inches of material" from various files, he said.

Five faculty council members reached last night refused to comment on yesterday's meeting.