Kroks Say Senior To Repay $3000

Members Say Funds Misused by Kimball

"This whole incident merely reflects the vicissitudes of the finances of a small company and the general level of inexperience," one source said. "Inevitably, a certain level of confusion is going to arise."

Epps said the Kroks, like several other student groups, submit annual financial statements to the College. Independent auditing, the dean said, is unnecessary.

A handful of campus organizations, including the Independent and the Harvard Band, are also registered with the state Office of Public Charities, which monitors non-profit groups.

"Any student group should not be so unsupervised," said a former Krok. "There is the potential for little crises like these still out there. It's always going to be possible."

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One student said a "shroud of silence" descended over the issue once College officials became involved.

Asked whether he was responsible for the secrecy, Epps said: "In a case where it is not clear what happened we might tell them that it is best not to comment.