Four Houses to Join Computer Network

Director of Network Services Richard Steen said this week that residents of Quincy, Leverett, Mather and Dunster Houses will gain access to the Harvard computer network in the next few weeks.

And Steen added that while no firm deadline has been set, all 12 of the College's undergraduate houses will be on-line by the end of the academic year.

Residents of the four houses, who received booklets on the network last week, said they were happy about the expansion.

"I use [electronic mail] a lot," said David E. Lower, a Mather House resident. "I can only use it when I go to class. It's been more difficult on weekends."

"I'm pretty excited," said Lowell House resident Eben L. Scanlon '96. "It will let me do my Computer Science 51 homework."

Steen said that about 100 requests for connections have come in during recent weeks.