Senior Year, DeMay's Way

Student Produces on Own Record Label

The second semester of senior year is looking up for Douglas M. DeMay '94. There are no more concentration requirements, no more cores to take and no thesis to write.

DeMay has all that--and his own new record label: "100% Breakfast!"

DeMay, the former president of WHRB, says he started the label last spring in order to provide support for the bands of Harvard students.

The "100% Breakfast!" label has already appeared on the compact disc "Detect the Mind Control Helicopters," which features seven of Harvard's alternative/punk rock bands.

"I felt that this label was going to be all sorts of stuff and was going to give everyone a power-packed wallop every time they put it on their turntable," he says.

DeMay is more than just a smalltime record mogul. Music by the two bands he himself plays in appear on the compact disc.

DeMay, who hails from just outside Rochester,NY., sings and plays in Mopar and Fat Day. Hecontinues to work at WHRB, and he is the founderof the Harvard Independent Music Society.

DeMay says he found his calling in high school,where he sang--"screamed, really"--in a hard coreband.

"I'd found an art form which was great forself-expression and really very interesting, moreinteresting than academics," he says.

DeMay plays guitar and sings backup in Fat Day,which he describes as "basically weird noise, coremusic."

And he sings lead in Mopar, which he says plays"more straight ahead punk rock."

"I basically never knew how to do anythinguntil two years ago," DeMay says. "I still don'tknow anything about music, but that's what punkrock is all about, I think."

DeMay, an economics concentrator, says he lostinterest in his field earlier this year and chosenot to write an honors thesis.

"What I was doing wasn't meaningful enough tome to ruin my last semester at Harvard," he says."I found I was more interested in people than innumbers."

Instead, he is taking an all-elective courseload, which leaves him more time for his music.