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By George Wang

As the staff so self-righteously crusades against elitism, one fact becomes painfully clear: none of the staff members were fortunate enough to be punched for an exclusive club. We sense profound pangs of resentment in our fellow editors who, after all, over-came their egalitarian principles long enough to attend the epitome of elitism: venerable Harvard University.

Criticism of the newly-formed Lynx is as ridiculous as the general criticism against all final clubs at Harvard. Final clubs receive no University funding or recognition, nor do they seek such treatment. Also, we should remind the staff that Americans, even Harvard students, maintain the right to engage in their own private associations.

The mighty Crimson staff should not be so sanctimonious in their condemnation of the Lynx and other clubs. If women want to form their own counterparts to male clubs, taking positive action to enrich their social experience, they certainly shouldn't be ridiculed.

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