Radcliffe Commemorates Charter

Alumni, Students, Guests Celebrate 100th Anniversary

In a ceremony filled with music, humor and what Radcliffe President Linda S. Wilson called "unbridled optimism," Radcliffe College celebrated the 100th anniversary of its charter this weekend.

About 500 Radciffe students, alumnae and guests attended the "Charter Anniversary Celebration," which began Saturday with an Academic Convocation service in Memorial Church.

Speakers noted the changing roles of women society, which they said Radeliffe.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bade. Ginsburg, who received an honorary degree, said that years ago, "the idea of women in public policy was even beyond dreaming."

"My daughter has a line," she said. "When I ask her how she feels about her mother being the second woman on the Supreme Court, she says, 'That's fine. It will be finer when we stop counting."

Wilson delivered the convocation's keynote address calling Radcliffe "an face of social change."

The college, she said, is a testament that "the goal of women's inalienable right to higher education has been achieved."

Cambridge Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves '72 was also present at the festivities.

"The city of Cambridge is home to the finest institutions of learning in the world and Radcliffe has distinguisheditself among them," he said. "No two words are assynonymous with women's history as RadcliffeCollege."

Radcliffe has played in important role for therest of the University as well, said PresidentNeil L. Rudenstine.

He praised "the essential role Radcliffe playedin advancing the education...of Harvard in itstotality."

Honored at the convocation were Ginsburg,President of the Spencer Foundation Patricia A.Graham, social scientist Matilda W. Riley '31,archaeologist and ethnologist Doris Z. Stone '30,and Niara Sudarkasa, the president of LincolnUniversity.

Nancy-Beth Gordon, Sheerr, chair of theRadcliffe Board of Trustees, said this was onlythe third time Radcliffe has awarded honorarydegrees.

David A. Hamburg, president of the CarnegieCorporation of New York, received the firstRadcliffe College Charter Medallion Saturday.

Massachusetts Secretary of Consumer AffairsPriscilla H. Douglas and former Radcliffe Union ofStudents co-president Deborah J. Wexler '95 spokeas well.

The convocation was followed by an AnniversaryParade, led by the Harvard-Radcliffe Band, whichmade its way to Radcliffe Yard for an appletree-planting ceremony.

Founded in 1879 as the Harvard Annex, Radcliffewon recognition as an independent college in 1894and was named after Harvard's first femalebenefactor, Lady Ann Radcliffe