Barrett Tops Democrats in Monthly Fundraising

State Sen. Michael J. Barrett 70 (D-Cambridge) raised far more campaign money in April than any other Democratic gubernatorial candidate, according to state fundraising reports.

But none of the Democratic candidates raised nearly as much money as incumbent Republican Governor William F. Weld '66, according to Dwight D. Robson, deputy press secretary to gubernatorial candidate and state Rep. Mark Roosevelt '78.

Weld's campaign representatives would not disclose the governor's fund-raising totals.

During the April reporting period--the last one before the state Democratic convention next month--Barrett raised $40,505.

Roosevelt raised $25,121 in April and former state Sen. George Bachrach (D-Watertown) collected only $4,145. Records also indicate that Bachrach lent $30,000 of his personal money to his campaign last month.

In a statement released yesterday, Kenneth A. Bamberger '95, a spokesperson for Barrett, claimed that Bachrach's poor fundraising effort resulted from media reports that Bachrach contributed to Weld's campaign in1991.

"George Bachrach raised more money for BillWeld in the first week of September 1991 than hedid for his own campaign in all of April,"Bamberger said in the statement.

But Elizabeth Belkin, Bachrach's presssecretary, said the candidate has low fundraisingtotals because his campaign did not concentrate onraising money last month.

"This campaign is never going to be abouttouting big numbers," Belkin said. "[Bachrach] isnever going to bring in old boys' money."

Robson said one-month totals are notparticularly significant.

Robson said Barrett's totals are alsomisleading because they do not account for thegreater spending by the Cambridge Democrat'scampaign.

"Since April 1993, Mike Barrett has raised$232,306, and Mark Roosevelt has raised$317,476.38," Robson said. "That's a fairindicator--a 30-day period isn't."

But those numbers differ from those touted byBamberger in a release. The Barrett spokespersonsaid his candidate held $305,039, while Roosevelthad raised only $155,599

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