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Let me tell you about an individual who gets up at 7 a.m. to poster for events. Let me tell you about an individual who skips meals so that he can table for questionnaires and referendums. Let me tell you about an individual who travels around from dining hall to dinning hall making announcements to keep the student body informed.

Let me tell you about an individual who doesn't get the respect and appreciation he has so justly earned--Carey W. Gabay '94, the Undergraduate Council President.

Every member of this campus owes much to Carey. He, more than any other individual, has dedicated his entire undergraduate career to serving his fellow students. He does not do this out of an innate need for power, nor does he do this to beef up his resume. He pushes himself to perform because he genuinely cares.

After reading about an attack on Carey's performance as council president, I often ask him why he puts up with it. After all, he's already been admitted to the Law School, he has lots of friends, and he is generally regarded by those who know him as one of the kindest, nicest, most morally-upright individuals one could have the fortune of knowing in this world.

Instead of agreeing with me, he merely allows his critics' attacks to roll off his back, and he continues to prove his point by doing what he has always done--performing.

I remember when The Crimson once dubbed Carey "Good Guy Gabay." Since that time, however, due to spurious attacks by individuals such as Anjalee C. Davis '96 and others, The Crimson has suddenly decided to once again stereotype Carey as a "back-room" dealer, an "Old Boy," and a "power hungry leader." Talk about a 180-degree turnaround.

I would like to commend Carey publicly for staying above the fray and staying true to his beliefs. Because if it were me who was being unjustly attacked by Anjalee and others, I would have my lawyers on their case for libel and slander. But Carey's not like that.

He's a true leader. He's a true gentleman.

As for all his critics, remember this: anyone can be a critic... it takes a leader to actually perform. Jonathan L. Hsu '94   Member, Undergraduate Council

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