Petition's Five Questions To Appear on Referendum

Davis' New Signatures Change Council's Mind

After a month of delays and much wrangling, the Undergraduate Council executive board decided last night to hold a referendum on all five issues identified on a student petition.

The latest petition, presented to the board last night by former member Anjalee C. Davis '96, alleviates the technical objections which caused the council to invalidate the original one, said President Carey W. Gabay '94.

The executive board's decision can be overruled by a majority vote of the council this Sunday.

"As of now, it seems like [the referendum] will be all five questions," Gabay said last night.

Davis, who had been pushing for a referendum on all five questions, said she was surprised by the board's decision.

"It's unbelievable," Davis said. "I'm completely shocked, but it's great."

The council had decided two weeks ago to commit two of the original five questions to referendum. These two issues, which will still go to student vote next week, are:

. The recent council decision to raise the student term bill fee from $20 to $30,

. Last year's move to eliminate the option students have to check a box on term bills to waive the council fee.

If ratified by the council, the May 7-9 referendum will include additional questions on:

. College-wide election of the council president, vice president, secretary and treasurer,

. Semi-annual general election of council delegates,

. The distribution of unspent council funds, or roll-over, to the house committees, rather than to the council itself.

The latest petition drive allowed students to sign separately for each of the questions, and all five were signed by more than 650 students, Davis said.

"I've checked over the petitions," said Council Parliamentarian David A. Smith '94, "and they're air-tight."