Capital Campaign On Pace for Goals

News Analysis

At the largest fund drive in the history of education enters its first full academic year, administrators say it is on pace to meet its goal.

During the summer, a traditionally slow fundraising time, a solid $50 million was raised, according to President Neil L. Rudenstine.

"It was not a bad summer, but I keep repeating: The hardest part is yet to come, "Rudenstine said.

The Summer contributions bring the total raised by the University Campaign to more than $700 million, one third of its $2.1-billion goal. When the effort kicked off last May, $652 million had already been raised.

Still, the pace of a multi-billion dollar capital campaign may be taking its toll on Rudenstine, Asked about the campaign in a press conference last week, the president's expression grew stern and the customary liveliness disappeared from his voice.

"We have raised $350 million a year for the last two years," Rudenstine said. "That's very hard--one million a day--and we need to keep doing that for five years more."

Other administrators, especially deans of graduate schools that stand to benefit most from the campaign, sounded more upbeat.

Still, while several said they were very satisfied with overall progress, they said there was still a long way to go.

Dean of the Graduate School of Education Jerome T. Murphy, said that most of the funds gained by his school over the summer came from foundation grants.

"So far we've raised about 30 percent of our goal," he said. "We're optimistic, but we have no delusions how hard it is to raise endowment funds."

"Nothing dramatic happened over the summer, just slow, steady progress," said Harvey V. Fineberg '67, dean of the School of Public Health. "We hope things will back up in the fall."

Fineberg added that there had been a few pledges in the million-dollar range, but that the $50 million raised so far is still well short of his school's $125 million goal.

Campaign officials, too, agreed that the fund-raising was on sched- ule, but many stressed they were not involved in all the day-to-day activities.

"From what I know everything is going as planned", said campaign co-chair Richard L. Menshel.

"From my perspective, everything is going fine," said University Treasure D.Ronald Daniel.

Sarah E. Scrogin and Elizabeth T. Bangs contributed to the reporting of the story.