Currier Thurs. Drinking

BAT's or no beer?

The Currier House Committee now faces this question as it decides whether to continue Thursday Fest (T-Fest) and pay for a Beverage Authorization Team (BAT) or stop serving beer at the weekly event.

"Events like Thursday Fest use house committee funds that are somewhat under sponsorship of the College," said Allston Burr Senior Tutor of Currier House John D. Stubbs Jr. "Therefore the college is liable for any infractions such as serving alcohol to underage people."

The T-Fest, which usually attracts between 10 and 30 people a week, offers snacks, beer and a chance to watch television programs such as Friends, Seinfeld, and E.R., according to Susan S. Lee '96, the house committee's secretary.

BAT members are graduate students who hired to check the identification of attendees at events to determine whether a guest is at least 21 and legally able to drink.

Hiring the BAT to monitor an event costs $50 per graduate student, Lee said.

In the past, the students who set up the event were in charge of changing identification cards, Lee says the house committee "never had problems with people becoming drunk," she added.

According to Lee, some residents of the House feel that T-Fest is being singled out unfairly.

"Certain rules that are written are flexible and can be enforced to varying degrees," she said. "A stricter interpretation of the rules is being enforced on us versus other houses."

House Committee Social Chair William A. Blankenship '96 said he thinks that Currier House is not being singled out but is part of the "general crackdown of alcohol on campus."

But the social chair said the house can have successful T-Fests even without beer.

"Alcohol should not be the thing about Thursday Fest that attracts people," he said.

He said that a T-Fest without beer can be more inclusive, since sophomore residents of the house will be able to attend.

The House Committee is still unsure as to whether T-Fest, which has taken place for more than three years, will continue without beer, involve BATs or no longer take place, Lee said