Council Discusses Traffic

The Cambridge City Council held a public hearing last night to discuss truck traffic in Cambridge neighborhoods.

Residents who spoke at the hearing expressed concern about the amount of commercial truck traffic passing through their neighborhoods.

Two officials are working to compile statistical information about the number and types of trucks traveling through Cambridge, according to a news release.

Cambridge City Councillor Francis H. Duehay '55 and state Senator Thomas F. Birmingham '72 (D-Chelsea) are currently taking steps to conduct a study of truck traffic within the Route 128 area, according to the release.

"This will help us in our battle against congestion, pollution, noise and the transport of unmarked hazardous cargo on Cambridge streets," Duehay said in the release, "Greater understanding of the origins and destination of the trucks will put the City in a position to improve the quality of our life."

The council also paid tribute to two civic leaders. Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves '72 congratulated Robert Stevens on his new position as the chair of Cambridge's Veterans Committee.

"We welcome you into the city family," Reeves said.

Stevens emphasized the importance of heightening public awareness regarding veterans' issues through public celebrations such as the Veteran's Day Parade, saying "We are working to make this next parade the biggest and the best around."

The council also honored Shochana Pakciarz for her work as the executive director of Project Bread, an organization which fights childhood hunger. Pakciarz, who earned her master's degree from the Harvard School of Education, has done ground-breaking research on childhood hunger and nutrition, council members said.