Late Night TV Show Planned

Students who stay awake until dawn may soon be doing so far reasons other than writing papers or studying for exams.

"The Late Show Harvard Radcliffe," a new talk show being organized by Cillin J. Perera '99, may run in early morning hours on cable or public access.

Perera, an Australian student, says the show aims to be "America's first student run, nationally broadcast late night talk show."

Perera, whose experience in the area of television includes working for the Australian network channel seven, has begun planning the show although the first organizational meeting will not be held until October 31.

"We are trying to get an essential core of hard working people to start off the pilot organization," Perera said.

He said he is currently looking for pilot show guests and will invite Paula Poundstone and Tommy Lee Jones. Eventually the show would like to attract "decent guests and Harvard alumni."


"We [at Harvard] have the pull to get these kind of people to come," Perera said.

The group is looking for funding and Perera said he would like local channels to sponsor the pilot with first rights to buy the show.

The group has not officially received recognition from Harvard, although Perera said he plans to apply for status as an official student group, which would make the show eligible for College funds