Community in Brief

Cambridge City Council candidate Ralph A. Lopez has received the unanimous endorsement of the Cambridge Civic Association (CCA), a progressive citizens' coalition.

Lopez, an author, health care administrator and community activist, joined a list of six other candidates endorsed by the CCA for the November 7 elections.

"I think he's a definite addition to the slate," said CCA President Geneva T. Malenfant. "We truly represent the face of diversity."

Lopez, 46, said he supports controlled growth, environmental protection, preservation of historic buildings and affordable housing initiatives.

Lopez also said he will work to continue providing basic city services despite funding cutbacks from both the federal and state levels.


"Ralph stands for basic progressive principles consistent with good government," said CCA member Kenneth L. Carson '72.

The CCA has also endorsed Kathleen L. Born, Henrietta A. Davis, Francis H. Duehay '55, Craig A. Kelly, Lester P. Lee, Jr. and Katherine Triantafillou.

The present city council is split among four CCA members, four conservative Independents and Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves '72.